Hurricane Lili vs NASA

Date: Wed Oct 02 2002 - 09:12:14 EDT

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    Hurricane Lili is now predicted to make landfall near Cameron,
    Louisana, on Thursday. Winds could gust as high as 150 mph.
    Weather in Houston is still beautiful (Wednesday a.m.); however,
    if the rapidly moving hurricane doesn't change course as predicted,
    it will be here in the morning.
    The NASA complex was built on low lying salt marshes where longhorn
    cattle grazed when I was a boy. Clear Lake (across NASA 1 from NASA)
    is at sea level. Galveston Island will have to be evacuated if the
    hurricane comes here. Galveston officials made the tough decision
    this morning, based on the revised landfall, not to evacuate the island.
    This message concerns satellite viewing because the launch time of
    the shuttle depends on whether the hurricane comes to Houston or not.
    For more details:
    Houston, TX USA
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