Search for Glonass rocket debris

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Tue Oct 31 2000 - 15:40:03 PST

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    Hi All,
    I'm cross-posting this from the Meteorite-Central mailing list
    as it has equal (if not more) relevance here:
    Considering that the pieces of the Russian Glonass Proton
    rocket that have been found are comparatively light-weight,
    with large surface-to-mass ratios, the areas to be searching
    for the larger, heavier pieces are to the northeast of the
    debris that has been found.
    "The farmer found the debris in Rush County, south of Hays."
    (A closer city was actually La Crosse, which is in the center
    of Rush County.  Hays is in north-central Ellis Co.)
    "He has given a piece of it to a couple of local astronomers to
    study. They say it's part of the insulation that surrounds a fuel
    tank. It smells like an electrical fire and you can see little
    fiberglass strands poking out of the burnt remains."
    "The fuel tank that re-entered the atmosphere was originally
    1,800 pounds, the size of a small bus. [Astronomer Rob] Kuhns
    is guessing that there is still a lot of debris spread out
    over about 100 square miles in and around Rush County."
    I would suggest they confine their searches to northeast
    Rush County (Loretta), east Ellis County (Victoria and Walker),
    northwest Russell County (Gorham, Paradise, Waldo), and central
    Osborne County (south of Osborne and diagonally up to Downs).
    The denser debris may even have gone as far as Jewell County
    (Ionia, Burr Oak, and Mankato).  Were there any sightings from
    Superior, Nebraska?
    Rob Matson
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