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From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sun Oct 29 2000 - 17:30:01 PST

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    The larger the apature the more you will see. I wouldn't mine getting one of those meade DS series
    telescope, as they can be computer controlled, I like to get either the 70 mm or 90 mm scope. That
    way once I get the hang of using the computer to find objects I could go about looking for some of
    the brighter geo sats. I do star hop, but having computer control would be nice. For the money a
    dobson type telescope is good, but since sat move , you would need a telescope that can track
    satellites. For example a meade LX type scope The dobson would be good for geo sat's snce they
    appear stay in one spot, while the stars move behind them. Then there is some geo sats like
    superbird which move slowly, as they are no longer operational, and thus are not held in a fixed
    position, that you could see with the dobson type scope. Thats my view, lets see what the real sat
    tracking and observing expects have to say about the right scope, as they know way more then me.
    Take a look at meade or celestron offers 
    Clears sky's
    Kevin Fetter  
    ""  wrote: As a novice sat viewer (and with Christmas coming up), I'd like
    somecomments from experienced list members about some things to look for intelescopes -- and some
    things to avoid?Thanks in advance.(just saw Cosmos 1206, 1515, Spot 3 and the ISS).
    Dennis JonesNorth of Charlotte,
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