MIR Re-entry

From: Jonathan T Wojack (tlj18@juno.com)
Date: Sat Oct 28 2000 - 10:58:09 PDT

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    1).  I think that it would be great to get some observations of the
    re-entry of Mir.  It should be spectactular!
    2).  But the re-entry of Mir has not even been scheduled yet.  All you
    hear about February, 2000, is just propaganda.  It's quite obnoxious,
    too.  Since February 17, 2000, MirCorp has paid every cent necessary to
    keep Mir operating.  That's right - for the last eight months, Mir has
    been operating, a human crew was sent to it, a spacewalk was performed,
    and two Progress supply ships were launched to it - all without
    government funding.  The Russian government just is anticipating
    MirCorp's bankruptcy.  If MirCorp is successful, then in a few decades,
    commercial manned space voyages could become common.
    There is much more at stake here than just at 14+ year-old space station.
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