Re: Saw a few last night

From: Mike Waterman (
Date: Fri Oct 27 2000 - 00:49:43 PDT

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    Specifically re Ed Cannon's UNID flasher.
    In 1975 I saw #07032=73086Y max mag about 6, irregular, at 1600km.
    In 1974 I saw #07138=73086DC mag 5 to 8 period 0.7s, at 1600km.
    So both are quite bright, but the flash period would be longer after
    26 years.
    When I try to identify an unexpected satellite, I often find there are 
    two or more satellites predicted at the right time. What I do is to 
    look for them all on the next clear night, usually only one has the 
    correct magnitude & variation.
    Mike Waterman
    Site Yateley = COSPAR 2115 =  51.3286N  0.7950W  75m.
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