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From: Dale Ireland (
Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 16:42:54 PDT

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    I don't think it is actually "closed" since it is international waters, but
    there is a warning that high recommends avoiding the area unless you have a
    hardhat. It might be difficult to find anyone who would risk their
    ship/plane or the liability issues and take you into the area. Anyway, the
    odds of seeing it are slim especially if it is in daylight and there is a
    lot of uncertainty in the reentry path even in the last day.
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    From: Alexander M []
    for big reentries, which are not burn out completely in the atmosphere,
    exists a large resereved rectangular area in the south pacific West of
    Chile, ca. some 3000km West of Santigo, used by all countries for controlled
    reentries. To see it I think you have locate yourself anywhere west, north
    west or south west of this large area, because it will obviosly be closed
    for this time for any air or sea traffic.
    But I don't know where to get the exact ground path from. But I don't think
    so that this will be know so far fron the event next year.
    Are you really sure you want to travvel there in the middle of nothing?
    How will you do this?
    But if you really do this, you have to film, photograph, record, ... it very
    good (will also some sound be heard?) that everybody can enjoy your nice
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