Re: MIR Controlled Reentry

Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 16:33:48 PDT

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    Hi Alexander M,
    I do plan to travel to whatever location I have to to observe the MIR controlled reentry.  If the reentry is planned in the reserved area, then I will fly to the nearest coastal town and charter a boat or aircraft that will take me to an area outside the reserved rectangle so that I can observe the reentry.  I do plan to image the reentry with several different types of sensors and if my results are successful, I will post them on my Web Site.  The controlled reentry is only four months away unless the Russians decide to keep it in orbit beyond the end of February.
    Thanks for your feedback. 
    On Thu, 26 October 2000, "Alexander M" wrote:
    > Hello,
    > for big reentries, which are not burn out completely in the atmosphere, 
    > exists a large resereved rectangular area in the south pacific West of 
    > Chile, ca. some 3000km West of Santigo, used by all countries for controlled 
    > reentries. To see it I think you have locate yourself anywhere west, north 
    > west or south west of this large area, because it will obviosly be closed 
    > for this time for any air or sea traffic.
    > But I don't know where to get the exact ground path from. But I don't think 
    > so that this will be know so far fron the event next year.
    > Are you really sure you want to travvel there in the middle of nothing?
    > How will you do this?
    > But if you really do this, you have to film, photograph, record, ... it very 
    > good (will also some sound be heard?) that everybody can enjoy your nice 
    > experience.
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    > >Subject: MIR Controlled Reentry
    > >Date: 26 Oct 2000 07:52:41 -0700
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    > >I am planning to observe the MIR controlled reentry in the Pacific at the 
    > >end of February.  Does anyone have any idea of where the approximate ground 
    > >track of the planned final decay region will be so that I can plan my 
    > >location under the reentry path?  Thanks for any input.
    > >
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