Re: Disappointing Iridiums ?

From: Marc Bradshaw (
Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 07:14:31 PDT

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    > Thanks again to all for fascinating and very enlightening info for the
    > novice--I too have a PDA--a Handspring Visor, 8 mb.  Do you think your
    > "Pocket Universe" would work on mine?  And how do I download a real accurate
    > GMT?  This is so exciting--thanks again! Stella
    The Handspring Visor uses Palm OS, so programs for the Casio won't work
    on it. I don't know if there is a similar program for palm OS, i.e. to
    predict flares.
    I get by by using AvantGo ( - free) to download
    the flare predictions from Heavens Above, and Pocket Sat
    ( - shareware) to
    plot the actual position of the satellite.
    Pocket Sat is quite useful. If you download the element sets, convert
    them to palm format using the supplied program you can predict the orbit
    of any low earth orbit satellite, and also predict which satellites are
    likely to be visible for any given time period.
    I keep time on my Palm using a program called sntp
    ( - postcardware). It gets the
    time from a time server and updates the system time, so I always have
    (to within a second or so) accurate time. Perhaps not quite accurate
    enough for timing obs, but good enough for predictions and observing.
    Best regards,
    Marc Bradshaw 37.028N  138.254E  75M AMSL
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