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Date: Wed Oct 25 2000 - 19:41:05 PDT

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    Hi.  My name is Bryan Kubsch and I'm from the United States.  I'm sitting on 
    29.43'12"N/94.58'48"W just outside Houston, Texas.  {Yes the starts are 
    bigger here too ;)}  I'm new to satelite observing.  I've been studying the 
    Messier objects and have captured all 110!  Time to move on.  I got 
    interested in satellites last year when some pictures I was taking of 
    Andromeda ended up with 2 nice white streaks across it...both from passing 
    satellites.  I'm an avid astrophotographer and when I have to work, I work in 
    a chemical refinery here in Houston.  I'm glad to join the list and hope to 
    hear of many interesting sightings and predictions from all of you.
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