Re: another decay reentry observation ?

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Tue Oct 24 2000 - 00:46:16 PDT

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    At 17:45 24/10/00 , Tristan Cools wrote:
    >I have a observation report from someone who saw a fireball(or reentering
    >satellite) with a tail of mag -3 or -4 moving from NW to SE.  Shortly after
    >the beginning of the observation there was an explosion with two light
    >flashes the first being yellow-orange and this was much brighter than the
    >tail.  The second couldn't be observed very well due to conditions.
    >This has been observed near Turnhout, Belgium at 17h38m UT on 23 October 2000.
    >Satellite reentry or Fireball ?
    Fireball Tristan. There where no substantial re-enrties around that time,
    and the candidates for early re-entry  OFEQ3 and a delta rocket can be
    discounted  thru  inclination. Remember meteors are more common than re-entries.
    Tony Beresford
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