Disappointed in Iridium 28!

From: StarliteStella@aol.com
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 22:43:04 PDT

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    Hi Friends--I need help in how to spot an Iridium flare!   
    I am located in San Francisco, and last night I was all set to look for 
    Iridium 28, due in the NNE at 19:38:00.  I looked up all of the particulars 
    on Heavens-above--and I looked like I was only 2.7 km from the center.  When 
    we actually looked for the flare, I was in Concord, about 40 miles east of 
    San Francisco--but my friend and I looked quite diligently in the right place 
    at the right time for the predicted -8 mag. flare.  
    As you can tell from the subject line, there was no flare to be seen!  Any 
    clues as to what might have happened?  And how to spot one?  I have never 
    seen one yet, but now I am reallly determined to find one!
    Thanks a lot!   Stella
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