Proton RB decay observed

From: Harro.Zimmer (
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 09:50:32 PDT

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    Report time: 15:35 UTC
    2000-067B (#26581) Proton RB
    SPACECOM's FINAL REPORT - prepared October 23. 11:56 UTC - shows no change 
    against its preceding prediction but with a smaller decay windows: 
                     23 October, 11:27 UTC +/- 09 minutes (44.1S, 28.0E)
    Also my MPM + REENTRY prediction remains unchanged:
                     23 October, 11.22.5 UTC +/- 08 minutes (32.91S, 09.75E)
    But a big surprise! Tony Beresford reported a decay observation from a 
    Australian Weather Station - Giles, 28.03S, 128.3E - on about 11:45 UTC
    and suggests the decayer could be the Proton RB based on the last released
    A first in depth analysis confirms Tonys calculation. The observation from
    Giles is in excellent agreement with a significant later decay of the RB.
    SPACECOM and I use similiar prediction techniques (Special Pertubations,
    retrofitted Ballistic coefficient, actual Ap ect.). Based on the last 
    published two ELSETs there was no indication for a reentry later 11.30 UTC.
    An interesting and not full understanding case....
    Berlin, Germany
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