Re: Satellite decay?

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 03:39:59 PDT

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    At 12:04 23/10/00 , Katsunori Ishiyama wrote:
    >Hi all 
    >According to local newspaper today, in Obihiro and so on(East area, 
    >Hokkaido, north island in Japan) many people observed orange fireball. 
    >Location : E143.5  N43.2
    >Time     : 22 Oct, about 16:40JST(07:40UT) 
    >Observed direction : SW
    >Speed    : Slow
    It must have been a fireball. The only decay of note yesterday was of 
    the Proton platform component of a russian launch to geostationary orbit.
    2000 67D cat num 26582. However according to US Spacecom decay report on The
    OIG site at NASA Goddard, that decay was at 1149UT + or - 16 minutes. 
    The orbit plane was near the position you
    give around 1500UT and 2200 UT Oct 22, so It really cant be what was seen.
    More debris from the launch decays about 10 or 11 hours UT Oct 23 (now)
    Tony Beresford
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