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From: Phillip Clark (
Date: Sun Oct 22 2000 - 09:43:09 PDT

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    On Sun, 22 Oct 2000, Walter Nissen wrote:
    > John David Corby <> writes:
    > > Launcher:  SL-16
    > SeeSat-L readers will recognize SL-16 as a description for some of the
    > brightest and most interesting visual objects.
    Actually, this is not the SL-16 !
    Personally, I forget the old SL- designators because these days we have
    CIS names for their launch vehicles, even though they are made-up
    designators for commercial/public use only.
    The SL-16 refers specifically to the two-stage Zenit launch vehicle, the
    Zenit-2: Zenit-1, BTW, was the designator used for the strap-ons used on
    the Energiya shuttle launcher.
    The Sea Launch vehicle is the Zenit-3SL which takes the Zenit-2 and adds
    the commercial Blok DM fourth stage from the Proton-K vehicle, giving a
    three-stage Zenit.
    Problem is that the two stages of the "Zenit-2" are sub-orbital for the
    Sea Launch missions.   All of their launch profiles call for the Blok
    DM-SL third stage to perform LEO injection and then a second (or
    more) burn to reach GTO.   So, the orbital stage from the Zenit-3SL is not
    the orbital stage of the Zenit-2, it is a much smaller stage.
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