Superbird A for Friday Night/Sat. morning

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 16:20:08 PDT

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    Hi All,
    Superbird A's flashes are now visible from the entire contiguous
    U.S., Canada, Mexico and Caribbean.  Flashes make landfall near
    Santa Barbara, CA, at 3:22UT Saturday morning, October 11, and
    sweep east-northeast across North America reaching Nova Scotia
    at 3:49UT.  Some selected locations:
    3:23UT  California (from San Fran to San Diego)
    3:24:30  Las Vegas
    3:25 Phoenix
    3:26 Seattle
    3:27 Salt Lake City, El Paso
    3:28 Albuquerque
    3:29 Denver, Colorado Springs
    3:31 Houston
    3:35 Des Moines, New Orleans
    3:36 St. Louis
    3:37 Huntsville, Al
    3:38 Chicago
    3:39 Atlanta
    3:40 Jacksonville, Gainesville, FL
    3:41 Cleveland
    3:42 Buffalo
    3:43 Rochester, NY; Washington, D.C., No. Virgina
    3:44 Delaware
    3:44:30 Albany, NY; New Jersey
    3:45 New York City
    3:46 Hartford
    3:46:30 Boston
    Flash location for southern California observers is about
    4 degrees to the upper right (west) of eta-Ceti.  Coordinates
    are ~RA 0h 52.5m, Dec -10d 44'.  Coordinates for Boston are
    ~RA 0h 52.5m, Dec -11d 33'.  (Declination varies with the
    latitude of the observer).  To a first approximation, flashes
    occur about 1 minute later each subsequent night.  Good luck!
    --Rob Matson
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