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From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Thu Oct 19 2000 - 11:38:23 PDT

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    > Jim Cook wrote:
    > > Unfortunately, I'm all thumbs with UTC conversions.
    > One "trick" I use is to always keep the clock on my stopwatch
    > set to UTC time.  You can also set your computer clock to UTC,
    > or at least I can -- no guarantees for MacOS or MSWin.
    > Much harder for me to keep straight is the day.fraction format,
    > since months have varying numbers of days.  A "trick" I've used
    > for that is to mark up my calendar at the beginning of each year.
    > At the top of January goes a "0"; at the top of February goes a
    > "31"; at the top of March goes either a "59" or "60".  You get
    > the idea.  The "day" value is then the date in the month plus
    > the number at the top of the month, e.g., February 17 is day
    > 17+31.  Of course, you then still have to mentally correct for
    > UTC to/from your time zone.
    I know of a "page a day" calendar.  There's one page per day.  At the
    bottom is the number of days passed in the year, with the number of days
    to go in the year.  You can get just the sheets (the plastic holder is
    re-fillable, but it costs 10-15 more US dollars, and doesn't do a lot of
    good, except keep the sheets in order) for just a couple of dollars.  I
    use it every time I'm working with TLE's.  If anyone's interested in
    getting one (for 2001), just let me know.
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