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From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Wed Oct 18 2000 - 20:52:43 PDT

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    Observers of this object may find the following interesting and useful
    in the visual tracking of this object.
    It was clipped out of web pages about the satellite. This object
    happens to be the Hearsat mailing list satellite of month.
    The dry mass is about 750kg, and it started with some 40Kg of
    Tony Beresford
    The GeoSat Follow-On satellite follows the same exact repeat orbit as GeoSat-A.
    The GeoSat exact repeat orbit follows the same ground track every 17 days. The GeoSat, at an altitude of 800 kilometers with an inclination of 108 degrees,
    0.008 eccentricity, and a 100-minute period, covers latitudes up to +/- 72 
    degrees and all longitudes. This 17-day exact repeat orbit will retrace the 
    ground track to +/-1 km. As with the original GeoSat, the data will be available
    for ocean science through NOAA. Oceanographers will be able to compare current
    GeoSat Follow-On data to historic data from GeoSat-A. 
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