Shuttle In Shadow And New Telescope

From: Patrick Walsh (
Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 19:45:56 PDT

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    Hi Everyone,
      I'm still astounded by the fact that the shuttle's
    floodlights, or any floodlights for that matter, are
    visible from 500 miles away.  Is more info available
    on viewing the shuttle in shadow?  I haven't been able
    to find anything using web or usenet searches. 
    Specifically, what direction are the flood lights
    pointed in, are they currently shining on the ISS, are
    they always on, and how much would orientation of the
    shuttle affect visiblity?  Has anyone else (other than
    Daniel Deak, Mike Waterman, and Tony Beresford) made
    observations of the shuttle in shadow?  What were the
    circumstances?  Unfortunately, it has been cloudy here
    for the past four or five days, so I have yet to see
    the shuttle.  On another note, I ordered my first
    telescope (unless you count a worthless department
    store refractor) yesterday, an Orion 10" Dobsonian. 
    It should be delivered in about six weeks.  I can't
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