Moon transit

From: Brad (
Date: Sun Oct 15 2000 - 18:02:38 PDT

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    Hi Seesaters,
    Last night at about 03:09:28 10/15/00 UTC, I was observing the moon at
    about 50X when it was transited by a satellite.  The solar arrays of the
    sat were clearly visible.  They were square, or nearly so, and appeared
    to be joined to the sat at a corner of each.  But the sat itself was too
    small to see or I just didn't see it in the 3 seconds or so of the
    transit.  This may have been Cosmos 783, but it doesn't exactly match
    with the Moon keps I got from the web.  Can anyone help ID this, or
    point me to an image of Cosmos 783 so I can see if it's the same shape? 
    Brad Feinner
    Los Alamitos, CA
    N 33.80  W 118.06
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