Shuttle tracking and NASA-TV on Dish Network

Date: Sun Oct 15 2000 - 14:16:29 PDT

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    NASA-TV is very nice to have for tracking the Shuttle during a pass.
    The Dish Network has had NASA-TV for several years.   At one time you needed 
    to have two 18 inch dishes, one for the Dish Network core programing and the 
    other to pick up it's specialty programing, including NASA-TV.  Since the 
    beginning of this year NASA-TV is now available without a second dish using 
    the Dish 500 system.  This is the system I have had at home since February.  
    Previously I paid over $50 a month on cable with one channel of HBO and no 
    NASA-TV.  I'm now paying a little less per month, kept basic cable at $9 per 
    month for my local stations and added Dish Network for $40 per month for 
    better picture quality, NASA-TV, 7 channels of HBO and tons of other 
    programing I wasn't getting with cable.   There is usually a special going on 
    at Dish Network installers where if you are switching from cable to Dish 
    Network, then you get the dish, receiver and installation for free.  Check 
    out  WWW.DISHNETWORK.COM  for more information.
    I know this sounds like an ad for Dish Network, but I have been very happy 
    with their service.  
    My original reason for going to Dish Network was to receive NASA-TV for the 
    planetarium where I work.
    For many years we had an old C-band dish to receive NASA-TV but it finally 
    died on us.  I looked into a replacement C-band, but they were far too 
    expensive for us.   I found out that Dish Network was the only 18 inch dish 
    provider at the time that had NASA-TV, so there really wasn't a choice for 
    me.  After having it at work for over a year I decided to get it for my home 
    as well.   I spent way too many hours in the planetarium watching NASA-TV and 
    I though it would be better to go home once in a while!
    If you don't have NASA-TV on your cable system, switching to Dish Network 
    would be a good choice. 
    I certainly don't regret my decision to switch!
    Mark Trotter
    Planetarium Curator
    Louisiana Nature Center
    New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
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