Re: Stopwatch/Timers

From: Bjoern Gimle (
Date: Sun Oct 15 2000 - 03:18:37 PDT

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    If you want to time flashes for a fast flasher, or allow detection of
    synodic effects during a pass, or most common: avoid interrupting a night's
    session by reading out the memories and write it down, you should go for
    50-200 memories.
    I found one with 100 memories in a national hobby shop some five years ago.
    It is still very accurate at less than 0.1 s/day and linearly, so I don't
    have to check the time more than once a day.
    It reads out to 0.01 s, and shows both lap time and cumulative time for each
    split, which reduces undetected readout errors. Also important is that
    hitting STOP or RESET by mistake is not easy.
    At about $30 at that time in Sweden, I would say cost shouldn't be an issue
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