Space Debris over Oklahoma?

From: J Wilhelm (
Date: Sat Oct 14 2000 - 08:16:17 PDT

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    We are new to this list so forgive us if we make some faux pas but we 
    saw the object last night and thought someone might be able to make 
    some educated guesses as to what it was based on our descriptions.
    We live in Hays, Kansas, USA, not far from the geographic center of 
    the US.  Sorry, don't know the lat/long.  It was shortly after 7:00 
    p.m. Central time.  The object was on the southern horizon and its 
    path was from roughly southwest to northeast.  The sun had just set 
    below the horizon but it was still light out.  As it climbed from the 
    southern horizon, we noticed a bright object with a heavy contrail. 
    We have lots of jets flying over Kansas so it isn't all that unusual 
    to see the sun reflecting off of the jet with its contrail behind it. 
    But most of these jets are flying in a east/west or vice versa 
    direction.  We soon realized it was not a jet, as it was going too 
    fast.  As climbed into the sky relative to our position, it began to 
    break apart.  Some of the pieces glowed bluish green, pink, and 
    reddish orange.  At apogee, we noticed two bright objects ahead of 
    the main contrail and these two continued to track northeast until 
    they disappeared.  The whole episode lasted maybe a minute.  Its was 
    at about a 45 degree angle to the horizon and went approximately 3/4 
    of the way from the southern horizon to the northern.  There was no 
    sound associated with it.  The contrail remained in the sky for many 
    minutes afterward and in fact was still there as the sky darkened 
    about 5 or 10 minutes later.  I suppose it could have been a meteor 
    but our money is on it being a piece of space junk.
    Bob and Joan
    Robert & Joan Wilhelm
    1472 Hwy 183 Alt.
    Hays KS  67601-9212
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