Re: Maybe STS-92? + STS-92 Obs.

From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 15:15:38 PDT

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    > Discovery was -2.5 mag for its pass.  It took a somewhat lower track 
    > from 
    > 23:19 to 23:20:35 - or so the plot read.   I was following it with 
    > my 7x50's 
    > and saw it dim and turn red as it entered eclipse.  When it reached 
    > about 6.5 
    > mag it's brightness stayed steady until it disappeared at 
    > 23:20:46.8.  I'm 
    > wondering if I was seeing Discovery's cargo bay illuminated by the 
    > onboard 
    > light.  
    1)  Before this mission, has anyone seen the Shuttle, apparently
    illuminated by only the lights inside the cargo bay?  I find this most
    2)  What did I do wrong?  I saw ISS bright tonight, as several others saw
    it within seconds of when I saw it, but why didn't I see the Shuttle? 
    The same people saw STS-92, too.  It makes no sense to me.  Or maybe it
    wasn't visible naked eye?  But if -2 isn't naked eye, then I don't know
    what is.
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