Photos of shuttle

Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 16:21:15 PDT

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    OK...may have asked this question a year ago, but need a refresh!:
    First, can large bright sats (Shuttle, ISS and Mir) be PHOTOGRAPHED? (as 
    opposed to video). 
    second....what films, exposure times, etc. I have the Meade LX-10 (8 inch), 
    variable-zoom camera adapter, and 26mm eyepiece. (I can take photos with just 
    the camera or eyepiece projection too). Which is best. Dont forget, Im doing 
    this hand-tracked. Hopefully I can try for STS-92/ISS. Ill go out tonight 
    (7:45 eastrn, NYC), with the telescope and try with the camera/ 
    least to see what it looks like, maybe try a snapshot, ASA 800 film @ 250th 
    second. Ill post later to let everyone know my obs. -Ben
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