Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 16:40:17 PDT

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    Well, it was the most *&%$^^&*%$ up DSL realvideo image I have ever seen, and 
    got totally garble.......
        BUT!!! Spectacular from here in NYC. I raced to the window, which faced 
    S--SE,....... and then I saw it. A BRIGHT (-4 or -6 mag) deep orange light in 
    the sky, racing up the coast. Rose in the South, then rather low in the 
    SE...maybe 10 degrees high. Traveling very fast. Through binoculars, I could 
    just make out an exhaust trail....knowing the ME's would be shutting down 
    during this pass, I watched. But the shuttle seemed to disappear over and 
    over....kind of flickering.....anyone know why? Then, it disappeared 
        Sorry I forget who it was, but thanks to the guy who sent me a link to a 
    map of the trail from NYC. -Ben
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