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From: Mike (
Date: Tue Oct 10 2000 - 08:14:48 PDT

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    I think SeeSat-L has seen this inquiry before. Maybe a question for the
    Jay Respler wrote:
    > I believe Dish TV has NASA as an option. I'm considering it myself.
    Dish TV does have NASA TV. When I installed last year, only one of its two
    satellite signals carried it, but they mentioned they would be adding it to
    the other... perhaps they have by now. In either event, just mention to the
    installer that you'd like to receive NASA, and he/she will direct it to the
    required satellite.
    Of course, big dish owners can also receive NASA in the clear (last I
    I'm not positive, but I do not believe there is any monthly charge for NASA
    regardless of the provider.
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