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Date: Tue Oct 10 2000 - 08:13:22 PDT

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    --   Is there even one reputable satellite TV provider who provides NASA
    TV in the U.S.?  I went to a couple of web pages of the major ones, but
    don't even mention NASA TV.
        DirecTV also has NASA-TV but you need the oval 18X24" dish to receive it because
    it's on another satellite in another orbital location. They sell it under the
    "DirecTV Para Todos" name because the spanish-language channels, as well as less
    popular channels such as NASA-TV, are on this alternate satellite. The dish and
    receivers are a little more expensive and don't even think of installing it
    yourself, it's really hard to align (three axes vs two for the round dish). On the
    plus side, NASA-TV is great (shuttles, plus a lot of other stuff), it's free, and
    the oval dish can receive up to three satellites and so is forward-compatible with
    HDTV, if you see that in your future.
        Any more questions, e-mail me privately, so the Off-Topic Police don't come
    after you.
    R Johnson
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