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From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 15:06:28 PDT

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    I have a satellite-related question, concerning NASA TV:
    [This is a somewhat off-topic post, but it does deal heavily with
    satellites, and I don't know where else to ask, or more importantly, get
    an answer.]
    I am now seriously making an effort to get NASA TV, on my TV, by the end
    of the year 2000.  As I see it, I have two options:
    1)  Start making inquiries to my local cable TV provider.  I'm curious:
    has anyone ever here been successful at getting NASA TV from their cable
    TV provider?  I read some references on the Internet from people who have
    NASA TV on cable TV.   I could not help but be jealous.
    2)  Get a satellite dish.  My questions concerning this are:
    --   Is there even one reputable satellite TV provider who provides NASA
    TV in the U.S.?  I went to a couple of web pages of the major ones, but
    don't even mention NASA TV.
    --   How much would going through a provider cost (installation, the
    dish, TV hook-up, etc., but not including monthly fees)?
    --   It seems to me that you can connect to the NASA TV satellite through
    a dish of your own making.  Is it feasible to do this - getting your very
    own dish, having no service provider, and have it hooked up to a TV?
    My questions all boil down to this: what is the best way for me to get
    NASA TV, on my TV? 
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