Observations of LES-8 and LES-9 ?

From: Allen Thomson (thomsona@flash.net)
Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 11:55:44 PDT

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    Has anyone observing GEO satellites tried to see LES-8 or LES-9 (1976-023A
    and B, 08746 and 08747)?  If not, it might be an interesting exercise,
    I just came across the following, which is found on p.30 of  "Semi Annual
    History of the Directorate of Space, Period of 1 January 1971 - 30 June
    1971"  The paragraph, originally classified SECRET, was declassified on 10
    March 1996.  I assume that the Directorate of Space was a precursor of Space
    Command, but am currently trying to verify that.
    "The MIT Lincoln Laboratory is involved in a program to demonstrate the
    technology necessary to deploy a highly survivable satellite communication
    system for command and control of the SIOP forces.  The effort is based upon
    the use of two satellites (LES-8 and LES-9) carefully designed (both
    electronically and physically) so that detection of the satellite presence
    is extremely difficult.  The satellites would use satellite-to-satellite
    communications links and would permit two communications between aircraft
    and surface forces on a global basis.  The anticipated launch of LES-8/9 is
    in September 1974."
    So are the things visible in a telescope?
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