Help with identification: two objects

From: Charlie Eltham (
Date: Thu Oct 05 2000 - 12:31:49 PDT

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    Hello all,
    I'm not one to jump onto the list needlessly when I see something unusual,
    but ...
    It's very clear here this evening, and at 19.31BST, my attention was caught
    by an apparently 'fast' moving object, a little faster than a civil
    airliner, moving through Perseus and travelling eastwards. What caught my
    attention was that the object was regularly flashing brighter by a magnitude
    five/six times before settling back to a mag of around 2.5/3. The flashing
    pattern occurred every two seconds. There no nav lights of any sort, no
    sound and no contrail. I'm very familiar aircraft of all types, and this did
    not show any signs of being one. I've checked with Heavens Above but without
    Almost immediately, I observed another flasher, much fainter, but flashing
    very regularly, four or five times a second. The object was much higher, at
    around 60 degrees altitude close to Cassiopeia, and moving south easterly
    below Cygnus. Again, I checked with Heavens Above but without success.
    Apologies for the vague positions, but it was still twilight here, and
    difficult to fix positions against fainter stars. Both observed without
    Any ideas anybody?
    Thanks in advance,
    Charlie Eltham.
    Cheltenham, UK
    51.892N  2.080W
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