Obs 29-30 September

From: Mir16609@aol.com
Date: Mon Oct 02 2000 - 07:22:38 PDT

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    Observing location = Tuckahoe State Park, MD (Delmarva No-Frill Star Party)
    38.9842 E
    75.9292 W
    50m ALS
    Superbird A obs in PPAS format:
    89-041 A 00-09-30 03:26:14.43JDG 446.4 0.3  39 11.45  +1.5->inv
    89-041 A 00-10-01 03:25:50.15JDG 423.5 0.3  37 11.45  +2.0->inv
    for a description of the format
    The phase shift for the first obs was about 03:22 UT, 30 Sept.
    The 2 predicted Iridium flares were on time and to the predicted brightness.  
    Both were a few degrees above and to the right of Polaris.
    Iridium 11, 23:42:32 UTC, 29 Sept; -8 mag
    Iridium 3, 23:36:23 UTC, 30 Sept; -2 mag
    Bright UNIDs:
    Rubin-Rk (26406, 00039C), R->L under beta-Peg at 00:04 UTC 30 Sept, Flashing 
    nicely at +3.0->5.0
    Cosmos 2333 (24297, 96051A)  L->R under beta-Peg at 00:18 UTC 30 Sept, steady 
    at +3.5 mag
    Cosmos 756 Rk (08128, 75076B)  L->R under zeta-Cyg at 23:48 UTC 30 Sept, 
    steady at +3.0 mag
    Note: I'm not used to observing at a good dark sky location so my estimates 
    may be on the bright side.
    The few geosyncs that I plotted for eclipse entry did not seem to brighten.  
    During the evening I kept an eye on the geosync eclipse area and believe that 
    I observed a few at 1x at about +6.0 mag in that area.  I'll have to devote 
    more time to those objects at next year's star party.
    Don Gardner  39.1799 N, 76.8406 W, 100m ASL
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