Re: Water Dumps

From: Chris Wyatt. (
Date: Mon Oct 02 2000 - 03:28:20 PDT

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    G'day Alexander,
    you wrote:
    > Hello everybody,
    > water dumps of the Shuttle are very rare. Are the visible with normal 10x50
    > binoculars?
    With STS-106, my son & I watched a water dump over the Southern Ocean as it
    passed south of Australia. It looked like a fast moving naked eye comet,
    visible from about 5deg above the horizon until it passed into earth's shadow.
    > Does anybody now, whether any available photos has been made of this yet?
    > And more interesting, because much more often visible, would be: Does the
    > ISS and Mir make also these Water Dumps, when they are maned again/first
    > time this year? If yes, does available photos of this exists?
    > I'm very appreciated of the kind and friendly help, also for beginners, of
    > the users of this list. Thank you very much.
    Chris Wyatt, in Bendigo, Australia
    36d46m35s South 144d14m28s East, 240m Alt.
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