Re: Newbie query about sat flare.

Sun, 31 Oct 1999 01:47:20 -0400

Earl Needham wrote:
> >At 05:37 30/10/1999 , Gary wrote:
> <snip>
> >>The sat we observed was going from the NE to the SW and it

> Uh -- just how many satellites are going the right direction?  I don't
> think it can be very many, can it?
>  Am I being dumb here, or would a satellite have to be in a retrograde
> orbit to go NE to SW?

Yes, there are several like that.  A bright one is SeaSat at 108 deg
incl.  You can check VISUAL.TLE on my web site for many others.

Jay Respler
   Satellite Tracker * Early Typewriter Collector
           Freehold, New Jersey

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