Re: Newbie query about sat flare.

Earl Needham (KD5XB@AMSAT.ORG)
Sat, 30 Oct 1999 18:19:02 -0600

At 03:15 AM 10/31/1999 +1030, Tony Beresford wrote:
>At 05:37 30/10/1999 , Gary wrote:
>>The sat we observed was going from the NE to the SW and it
>>flared just South of the square of Pegasus and appeared to rise up to
>>about mag 0 and then faded beyond visibility.

>gary, running findsat against latest alldat.tle the only
>likely suspects are (#1726 65-89A, explorer 29) and 
>(#20557 90-29J cosmos rocket) and some debris. However none of these
>are going in right direction.
>Tony Beresford

	Uh -- just how many satellites are going the right direction?  I don't
think it can be very many, can it?
	Am I being dumb here, or would a satellite have to be in a retrograde
orbit to go NE to SW?


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