spectacular flasher

Tristan Cools (tcools@nic.INbe.net)
Fri, 29 Oct 1999 22:17:57 +0100


I saw, for the first time, the Soyuz rocket which put the last launched
Globalstar objects into orbit(1999-58E/25947).  It is a bright spectacular
flashing object but its flash period is very difficult to measure. 

This is what I measured:


It seems that the real period is around 1 second and the shorter flashes
are secundary maxima.  

Time of observation was 17h56mUTC Oct 29.
Observing place was at my home at Bruges.

Tristan Cools
Belgian Working Group Satellites(BWGS)

Damse Vaart: 3.2478E/51.2277N - OBS place 1
Ryckevelde:  3.2856E/51.2045N - OBS place 2
Brugge:      3.2166E/51.2104N - OBS place 3(home)

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