Re: Iridium 51 ? flared OK

Bjoern Gimle (
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 12:17:28 +0200

>> Iridium 51 flared as predicted by iridflar even though its status is
>>  marked with a ?. So it probably still has its operating orientation.
>I agree - time to remove the "?"
Probably not - by convention (Mike, also Alan?):
?       not at operational altitude - flares may be unreliable.

If they are in spare orbits, the pointing requirement is probably not
so rigorous, so they may want to save fuel until the big orbit adjust
will be made to make it operational.

Even if they currently flash OK, they might be allowed to "drift" -
"wobble" - "oscillate" - "precess" around the preferred attitude.

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