Re: GEO Flasher?

Ron Lee (
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 21:13:20 -0600

Several possibilities, most of which are GEO type objects. I would suggest
looking again tomorrow night a few minutes early and later to get a better
position.  If you have a star chart of the area, it might help.  Possible
objects are as follows:  #01358, 16650, 22205, 21149, 23230, 23741, 25626,
25740, 25086 and 23741.

Ron Lee

At 08:26 PM 10/26/99 -0600, you wrote:
>While waiting for Starshine #25769 99030B to make a pass, i noted a flash
>what i thought was it towards the SSE, Az 160 deg El 25-30 deg, at 01:52:11
>27 Oct UTC. It was in the area and time that Starshine was to pass so i
>figured that was it. A few seconds later i noted another flash but in the
>same spot, then another. I came up with a rough timing of 11 seconds between
>the 10 or so flashes that i saw, all at 1x, the brightest being a mag 1.

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