Mistake(s) in Astronomical Algorithms

Edward S Light (edlight@juno.com)
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 20:38:00 EDT

Two postings earlier today by Randy John and Bruno Tilgner
listed some errors in Meeus' "Astronomical Algorithms" and
the later one ended with the statement ...

> Let's hope that's all.

When I first got my copy (first English edition, 1991)
I noticed a glaring typo which, for completeness to those
updating their Errata for this excellent book, I give here.

In the middle of page 135, Chapter 21, the first line of
equation 21.3  reads:
    epsilon-sub-0 = 23 d 26' 41.448" whereas it should be
              ......23 d 26' 21.448" ("d" = the degree symbol)

Clear and dark skies!
Ed Light

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