Mistake in Astronomical Algorithms

Bruno Tilgner (Bruno_Tilgner@compuserve.com)
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 17:18:03 -0400

Randy John wrote:

> Does anyone know of any other mistakes in AA?

Yes. Jan Meeus sent a mail to a French-speaking mailing
list about 2 years ago correcting a number of errors.
He also mentioned that the "second edition" is a second
printing of the first edition with some mistakes, but not
all, corrected.

To know if you have the second printing, have a look at
page 183, to the lower right of the figure. If the
equation reads 0 deg < M < e < v < 180 d, you have the
first printing. If there is a capital E it is the second
printing. (Please note that I have replaced the degree
sign by "d".)

The other errors:

p. 89: as mentioned in the reference mail (sin instead of cos).

p. 139: in the formula for pi, in the lower half of the
page, replace 0.71953 by 1.71953.

p. 229, 3rd line from bottom, read "put equal to 3Qt".
This does not affect the program listing on the next page.

p. 286, last line, replace "II" by "III".

p. 312, example 45 a. There are 4 mistakes.

read "SIGMA r = -16590875"
read "DELTA = 385 000.56 - 16590.875 = 368 409.7 km"
                               ^^^^^         ^^^  
in the equation for pi, 3rd line from the bottom,
read "368409.7" instead of "368408.4"

p. 317, 4th line from bottom, read "(46.1)" instead
of "(46.5)".
p. 356, upper half of the page, read "JDE = 2450 708.4759"
and 4 lines further down "JDE = 2450 708.2835"

p. 359, for the semidiameter of Saturn read "83.33" instead
of "83.83".

p. 393, line 3, read "5.559" instead of "3.559".

Let's hope that's all.

Bruno Tilgner

Saint-Cloud, France

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