Flaring GEOsat, 21 Oct 99

Ron Lee (ronlee@pcisys.net)
Wed, 20 Oct 1999 21:38:04 -0600

I received a private email questioning the magnitude of 
Intelsat 7F6 (or 706?), #23571, when I observed it last 
night.  My response was about 11th magnitude and that was
just a guess.   I realized the obs report left a lot to 
be desired so tonight I again observed it.

At 01:42 UT on 21 Oct 99 I judged the magnitude to be in the
10.5 - 11 range.  I then determined where it would be when 
opposite the Sun's RA and observed it again between 02:47
and 02:53 UT.  RA 1h 37 min (J2000). Magnitude as it passed
a star of magnitude 7.3 was essentially equal to that star.

Thus it flared about three (3) magnitudes.  There was no
shadow entry/exit since it was south of the earth's shadow.

I like this satellite since I have found it every time I tried
and its location low in the east sky means that I do not have
to stay up past my bedtime to observe it opposite the Sun.

Intlst 7F6
1 23571U 95023A   99283.26039606 -.00000302  00000-0  10000-3 0  4333
2 23571   0.0304 272.9010 0001592 288.1610 218.1285  1.00270000 16094

Ron Lee
104.5614 W, 38.9478 N, 2073 m

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