Globalstar Obs
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 22:27:16 -0600 (MDT)

The clear skies held so i was able to see with 10x50s, the second pass of
the latest Globalstars, well half of them. I missed the pass by GLOBALSTAR C
#25945 9958C & GLOBALSTAR D #25946 9958D by a few seconds but i did observe
Gstar31 Soyuz r2 #25948 9958F at 03:28:xx 20 Oct Az 185 El 73 deg, it was
alone, i looked around it but nothing else was along the same track so i am
confident that's what it was. A unknown heading South crossed my FOV
distracted me while i was observing Gstar31 Soyuz r2 and i lost track of it.
Knowing others were following, i turned my attention to the same track,
another unknown going South, a few degrees West of the first one caught my
eye but then GLOBALSTAR A #25943 99058A and GLOBALSTAR B #25944 9958B came
into view. Their separation was less than a degree and i can't really be
sure which one was in the lead but both were there. They entered shadow at
03:28:30 20 Oct UTC +/- 3 sec. Az 180 deg El 73 deg.


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