New breakup

Agapov Vladimir (
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 12:49:05 +0400 (MSD)


Another on-orbit breakup event had occured. This time it was 1991-068G,
#21734 (Cosmos 2157-2162 Rocket Body). Fragmentation took place at
15:08 UTC on Oct 9. Location: 41.5N, 217.9E. As many as 30 large debris
was detected by the Space Command SSN and TLE sets were generated.
This is the 4th event of this class identified to date. Original
satellite (Tsyklon third stage) has diameter of 2.1 m and lenght 2.4 m.
Dry mass is 1360 kg. Exact cause of these type object breakups remains
unknown. Other fragmented objects of this type are Cosmos 1045 R/B
(exploded on May 9, 1988), Meteor 2-16 R/B (Feb 15, 1998) and
Cosmos 2053 R/B (Apr 18, 1999).
I think that the large remnant of the object should have variations
in magnitude so it may be interesting for visual observations.

Best regards,
Vladimir Agapov.

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