Re: 18 Oct 99 Globalstar Prelaunch Elset

Ron Lee (
Mon, 18 Oct 1999 14:04:43 -0600

First, I suspect you saw the four Globalstars and the Ikar upper stage.

The Soyuz is in a more elliptical orbit.  Once we get elsets, we might
find that your first obs was the Ikar with attached satellites and this
obs was about 1.5 hours after satellite deployment.  

About 24 hours after launch, the Ikar is due to perform a burn to aid
in reentry.

Congrats on the first obs

Ron Lee

>The Soyuz/Globalstars were visible with the naked eye at 18:41 UTC.
>With 10x50 binoculars I saw five points of light, nearly equally bright
>(mag about 3.4). First three were spaced by about 0.2 deg, then a gap of
>about 0.4 deg, last two again spaced by 0.2 deg.
>I don't know which of the satellites was the Soyuz.
>Time was about 34 seconds late with the above elset.
> Rainer

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