Re: unknowns

Rainer Kracht (
Sun, 17 Oct 1999 14:00:01 +2

> Yesterday(October 16)I tried to observe 83108B/14451 around
> 18:01UTC(Ryckevelde).  
> When I was looking in the region of zeta Peg I noticed a satellite which
> was travelling between alpha and beta Peg in the direction of M31 when
> another satellite followed roughly the same track but at a higher velocity
> than the first one.  The first one was of magnitude +4.5 while the
> following satellite had a magnitude of +2.  I guess they were seperated by
> approximately 10s in the region between alpha and beta Peg.
> I think that the first one was 83108B but I am not sure anymore.  I can't
> find the other satellite in the CSYYMMDD and ELYYMMDD files.  Can somebody
> else Identify those two ?
The first one was 83108B, the other was 81-65B (Meteor 1-31 r).

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