Re: Newbie needs help

Ron Lee (
Sat, 16 Oct 1999 10:39:52 -0600

At 09:40 AM 10/16/99 EDT, you wrote:
>Is there anyone on this list from or near Fayetteville NC?  I would like to 
>contact someone from this area for advice on viewing satellites.

Actually many folks on this list can help you without needing others nearby.

For example, the VSOHP at

has gobs of info. There is a link to prediction software and elsets at:

and   ( I think has the main
visual satellites in it)

There is a FAQ at:

You can start out with just naked eye observations of such objects at Mir,
the ISS, Space Shuttle, Iridium flares etc.  Then if you wish you can try
fainter objects with binoculars. Something like Mir is easy to start with
if you want to learn how to make predictions with one of the many programs
that are easily available. 

Ron Lee

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