Iridial Tabulation
Sat, 16 Oct 99 19:22:00 NZST

Hello from New Zealand,

Its cloudy outside at the moment in our (Southern Hemisphere) spring.

So to do some "visual observing" I have had to use my PC.

I was fascinated with Walter Nissen's Iridial tabulation. And so
wanted to verify for myself the concept, but what is the easiest
way to do so -

I recently downloaded "SatScape" a cute UK freeware satellite
viewer (most notable by the fact it talks to you). Its like
having Stephen Hawking sitting next to you reading out what
satellite is popping over the local horizon. The other attribute
is has (over most others) is that it can real time plot hundreds
of satellites at once.

Checking out the Iridium "procession" seemed like an excellent
task for it. At the flick of the mouse (and the latest Celestrak
Iridium TLE's) I plotted all 90 Iridiums on a lovely map of the
world. Setting a timer for 15 minute intervals, I started to
read a book, and when the timer went off I would note the order
of the Iridium positions against Walter's table.

Talk about armchair satellite viewing !!!

Anyway, I offer the following comments to add to "perfecting"
the wonderful table of Walter's.

P00 - P0A  Agree
P20 - P2A  Agree
P50 - P5A  Agree


P10  24*    P10  45
P11  47     P11  47
P12R 11A    P12R 11A
P13  49     P13  49
P14  26     P14  26
P15R  3     P15R  3
P16  22     P16  22
P17  23     P17  24
P18  76     P18  23
P19  25     P19  76
P1A  45     P1A  25


P30   5     P30   5
P31   6     P31   6
P32   7     P32   7
P33   8     P33   8
P34   4     P34   4
P35  35*    P35  37
P36  61     P36  61
P37  19     P37  19
P38  34     P38  34
P39  37*    P39  35
P3A  36     P3A  36


P40  10*    P40   9
P41   9*    P41  10
P42  52*    P42  54
P43  12     P43  12
P44  13     P44  13
P45R 83     P45R 83
P46  16     P46  16
P47  53*    P47  50
P48  56     P48  56
P49  50*    P49  52
P4A  54*    P4A  53


Geoff Hitchcox

 Latitude:  43.5197 degrees SOUTH
Longitude: 172.7022 degrees EAST

Christchurch, New Zealand, South Pacific.

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