Re.: Mystery object reported over Bermuda

Harro.Zimmer (
Sat, 16 Oct 1999 15:30:45 +0200

There are only two decayers around the local Bermuda time 10:40 pm DST, Oct 12   
(Oct 13, 01:40 UTC)                 1994-029HT (# 24168) PEGASUS DEB
                                    1987-068BF (# 25228) Sl-14   DEB
SpaceCom shows the decay of these very small fragments at Oct 12, 1999
My calculation predicts a decay not later then
                               PEGASUS DEB : Oct 13, 06:30 UTC
                               Sl-14 DEB   : Oct 14, 04:10 UTC
Around the critical time span there is no pass over Bermuda for the PEGASUS DEB,
based on a relatively "fresh" ELSET (Epoch Oct 12, 18:00 UTC).
For the SL-14 DEB based on the last released ELSET (Epoch Oct 10, 11:00 UTC) is a 
pass at 02:31 - 02:38 UTC from SW to N with a maximum elevation about 02:35 UTC.
(AZ:292, EL: 29). This would be in a rough agreement with the report only if
there is now  n o  more daylight saving time at Bermuda or there is an error of 
one hour in the report.

Berlin, Germany

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