SV: Iridium, Table of the Iridial Constellation

Bjoern Gimle (
Sat, 16 Oct 1999 13:02:15 +0200

>objects have failed and are flashing, apparently because they are
>tumbling.  These are designated S, T, U, etc.  The objects which have
>moved out of plane are shown in the table offset to the left, with
>arrows marking some which have moved substantially.

The stand-by objects have a slightly higher inclination, to make
RA precession the same as the operational ones, despite their lower orbit.

>and to Jim Varney for publicly expressing his appreciation.
I haven't agreed before, partly because we (once) had an official
chart posted, but I suppose we wouldn't get systematic designations
for the failed objects.

I appreciate your initiative, and propose that Mike and/or Alan
adopt one or other of the designation schemes.
In all cases of name SWITCHING (not variants) I share your dislike.

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