SOYUZ RB decayed

Harro.Zimmer (
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 21:37:34 +0200

Report time 19:00 UTC

1999-019E (#25680) SOYUZ RB

In its FINAL REPORT - prepared 14 October, 08:10 UTC - SpaceCom shows the decay 
at                    14 October, 00:30 UTC +/- 03 hours (15.5N, 201.9E)
on a descending pass.
I don't believe the OO.30 UTC. It is between the perigees.

As I mentioned yesterday the SOYUZ RB shows a very smooth decay, 'textbook' like.
MPM delivers with the last two ELSETs 99286.748... and 99286.809... the decay at
                      14 October, 23:52 UTC +/- 08 minutes (10.3N, 51.1E)
The relatively high precision is also confirmed by a different method allowing
the calculation of the reentry trajectory. The given coordinates shows the begin
of the free, almost vertical fall.
Berlin, Germany

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