NOSS 2-1 Obs
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 20:51:35 -0600 (MDT)

I was able to observe the NOSS 2-1 trio once again. Their formation has
changed to a 'check mark' one vice the elongated V i saw at 02:24:46 11 Oct
UTC. I had to use my 10x50s again to view them, NOSS 2-1 (C) #20691 90050C
was leading, NOSS 2-1 (E) #20642 90050E on the right and a faint, barely
visible NOSS 2-1 (D) #20692 90050D on the left (as viewed from the surface).
The other two were easily seen but the 3rd i didn't notice until i searched
around. The time was 02:02:49 14 Oct UTC +/- 2 sec. Az 70 deg El 60 deg,
approx 5 deg to the right (South) of Cassiopeia.


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